Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. —William Butler Yeats.

Image Credit: Andrea Tsurumi, A Velocity of Being, 2018.

My name is Amy Devlin and I am embarking on the exciting journey to become a Primary teacher. My background is in languages but teaching has become a real passion over the last number of years. My primary honours degree was in French and German and awarded by TCD. Following this I completed my M.Phil in Textual and Visual Studies between TCD and the universities of Jussieu and Nanterre in Paris. I then went on to pursue a PhD at TCD, examining the role of photography within French literature. Throughout and following my doctoral studies I taught and lectured, and it is this experience that confirmed the already-present desire to make teaching my main career focus. Having grown up helping out in the Montessori and After-School Centre run by my family, I knew that working with children stirred something special and offered unparalleled contentment. At this point, I am ready and excited to make the leap to primary education, the bedrock of learning and where it all takes root. Let the journey begin!

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